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Since 1996 BiomedRx has provided healthcare technology solutions across the United States and in over 30 other countries. The BiomedRx Health Center offers holistic and alternative health solutions that promote optimal wellness. Our services include Neurofeedback and Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.

We have developed a treatment protocol that encompasses neurofeedback combined with biomagnetic pair therapy. We have found that these therapies complement each other, to the extent that each therapy protocol amplifies the effect of the other. Neurofeedback conditions the brain and nervous system while biomagnetic pair therapy frees stuck blood cells and helps return the blood to a state of pH balance. We have found an increased effectiveness of neurofeedback training as a result of biomagnetic pair therapy. There is also a noticeable increase in the effectiveness of biomagnetic pair therapy on a person with a brain and nervous system that have been freed from dysregulation via neurofeedback.

BiomedRx recommends the combination protocol for those seeking a higher state of well being in both mind and body. Neurofeedback provides relief from anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, teeth grinding and a host of other conditions that affect the brain and nervous system. Biomagnetic pair therapy returns the body to a pH-balanced state, empowering the immune system and restoring the body to a state of robust good health.

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Neurofeedback therapy and training

Neurofeedback is another term for EEG biofeedback. It is an electronic means of restoring the brain to its natural balance. It is used to treat such neurological conditions as anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, brain fog, ADD/ADHD, and the symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder.


Biomagnetic Pair therapy

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a technology developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz-Duran. It involves the use of natural magnets of opposite polarity to depolarize organs or areas of the body that are affected by a pH imbalance. PH imbalances can harbor pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, and can form cancerous tumors.

Biomagnetic Pair therapy works by freeing up "stuck" blood cells and returning the body to a pH-balanced state. This empowers the body to more effectively fight off these pathogens using its own immune and elimination systems to rid the body of the pathogens. This returns the body to a state of optimal health.


Combination therapy

We recommend the combination of neurofeedback and biomagnetic pair therapy for Peak Performers and those seeking a state of robust good health in mind and body.

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In order to realize an appreciable effect from neurofeedback therapy and training, our treatment is sold in blocks of 20 sessions. Infra-Low neurofeedback is indicated for most therapeutic applications. One block of Infra-Low neurofeedback is reccomended before moving on to more advanced treatments, such as Alpha-Theta, or Synchrony.

The BiomedRx Health Center offers Neurofeedback therapy in combination with Biomagnetic Pair therapy. Neurofeedback restores the brain to its natural balance, and Biomagnetic Pair therapy restores the body to its natural pH balance. This combination of therapies is designed to promote wellness and maximize human potential.

Neurofeedback therapy $120.00 per session.
Package of 20 neurofeedback therapy sessions $2,200.00 or $110.00 per session.

Biomagnetic pair therapy $120.00 per session.
Package of 20 biomagnetic pair sessions $2,200.00 or $110.00 per session.

Combination therapy $230.00 per session
(1 neurofeedback + 1 biomagnetic pair therapy session)

Combination Package $4,000.00
(BEST DEAL 20 neurofeedback + 20 biomagnetic pair therapy sessions $100.00 per session)

There is a sliding scale available for students, children, and veterans.

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Our combination protocol is designed to give you that competitive edge.

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